The FOURTH annual Dyslexia Day in Albany, NY (2019) Link

New York State Education Department Guidance on Chapter 216 of the Laws of- Students with Disabilities Resulting from Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia Link

State Education Department to issue guidance on Dyslexia Link

2018 Dyslexia Awareness Day at the Capitol - DDNY video Link

National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) 2017 Reading Assessment Results:

NYS 8th grade 2017 Assessments  Link 

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March 2016 - Dyslexia Awareness Day.  Link

November 2014 - WNYT 13, DDNY interview. Hear the voices of children with Dyslexia discuss the challenges Dyslexia can present and the successes with appropriate instruction.  -Followed by a DDNY family supporting pending NYS legislation for teacher training.  Let's empower our teachers.  Link

September 2014 - Full Committee Hearing - The Science of Dyslexia. Link

September 2014 - WNYT Education Forum - Albany NY.  Link.

September 2014 - Dyslexia in the News, Parents with Special Needs and NYS Public Schools. Link.

December 2013 - DDNY Member Kathleen Dailey and Assemblyman Lalor at the Dyslexia Forum.  Link.

January 2014 - Albany area advocates pushing to better address Dyslexia in public schools.  Daily Gazette.  Link.

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